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Permanent Recruitment

Let us do all the work

We help match the right candidate for the roles and do all the shortlisting for our clients. We constantly get permanent vacancies and advertise on our job board as well as major job boards. We also have a huge pool of candidates on our database and work quickly to fill vacancies.


Temporary Recruitment

Are you looking for cover staff?

Emergencies cannot be helped and here at Quint Education we understand that & that is why we have a poll of staff working with us daily ready to be on call to work we work on a 15-minute call back guarantee to make sure we get back to you with an answer within that timeframe. Benefit of using temporary staff is not having to add them on your payroll which saves a lot of admin time mand any employer contribution fees. Candidates enjoy this nature of work if they find it hard to commit to a permanent role due to their current demands. We have many committed, hardworking, and passionate staff on our books and are ready to work.

Training and CPD

Study your Level 3 with our training provider. Takes up to 12 months to complete and must complete 350 placement hours.
Study your Level 3 with our training provider. Takes up to 18 months to complete and must complete 250 placement hours.
Studying your English or Maths GCSE equivalent. Must have for Level 3 in childcare
Complete your Level 1 in English and Maths, must have with Level 2 in childcare
Can complete Entry Level 1, 2 and 3 then develop to Level 1.

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