Call the agency on 02071188994 or call the mobile of the consultant you work with at least an hour before you are due to in. If you are in the area and cannot find the nursery call us before your shift time begins so we know what is happening and keep the client up to date with your arrival time.

We do not use paper timesheets at this agency we use online timesheets. Once you complete your first shift with us, we will email over your unique log in details along with a webpage link that directs you to our online portal. So please ensure whenever you arrive at a setting you log in an out of their staff books. Simply fill in timesheet details online and submit – this will be authorised by the client if its correct, so its very importance to ensure you enter the right details at the beginning as this can be very time consuming. 

Not to worry we haven’t forgotten about you, it might be that our current clients have been selecting the same staff as they have in previous weeks as they like to keep the consistency for the children and parents. Also, we might be a bit quiet with bookings in your particular area and have more demand elsewhere. It does depend, but just give us a call and we can see what is happening

Is there any training available to become qualified in childcare?

No – you can have experience working with age groups 0 to 5 years as a nanny, babysitter or even voluntary roles.

You can apply by filling in the contact form and one of our resources will call you to take your application further

The nursery uses the EYFS system (Early Years Foundation Stage)