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Role Of Education Supply Agencies In The Education Sector

education supply agencies

Working a supply job means working as a temporary staff. Supply jobs range from a single day of covering an absent team.


In the education sector, the supply teaching job is the most common type of supply job in the UK. Supply teachers have the same role and duties as full-time teachers. They plan lessons, manage the classroom, mark and assess assignments, and differentiate work. Supply teachers from agencies take on the full responsibility for the day on the job; they must have the proper training to work at their total capacity.


Education agencies like Quint Education provide schools with teachers, teaching assistants and staff needed to cover for a day. Some education supply agencies work with the full range of schools or specialise in acquiring teaching jobs for schools or special needs education schools. In most cases, education supply agencies’ offers may range from finding their supply staff with long-term or permanent employment.


The role of education supply agencies is vital to the studies of children. Their role in the education sector includes:


  • Recruiting and clearing people for work
  • Checking and vetting their candidates
  • Safeguarding checks are essential for schools
  • Book teachers and inform schools 
  • Brief the teacher on the day and details of the school


Schools contact education supply agencies to help them find the staff they need. Schools prefer working with agencies to go through the recruitment processes independently.


Education supply agencies find teachers based on experience, locality, availability and skills; flexibility is essential. Supply teachers who can teach more subjects and cover enough areas and age range get more job offers.


Schools submit the roles they need to fill with their requirements, qualifications and skills to find the best fit for them. Candidates apply with a profile, CV or video profile. The agency then set up interviews between the school and shortlisted candidates.


These responsibilities of education supply agencies help schools make the right decision with strict time and resources.

Other benefits School heads enjoy while working with education supply agencies is hiring pre-vetted high-quality staff.


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