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Nursery Teacher Job Description: Bridging Economic Disparity Gap in Learning

nursery teacher job description

Children in different socio-economic groups display dramatic differences in their vocabularies at a very early age. It’s been shown by research that the IQs and academic performance of a child later in life are also linked directly to their economic backgrounds. Statistics reflect this by how much the parents talked to children being the determining contributor to the existing disparity.


Facilitating the Child’s Critical Development in the Early Years

By two years, the disparity in vocabulary development has grown significantly and by age three, there is a 30 million word gap between children from the poorest families and those from more affluent families. This goes to show that the most critical development in children takes place very early on in life.


In the nursery setting, it’s the role of the teacher as part of the nursery teacher job description to be intentional about putting measures that directly address the developmental inequality in young minds. The nursery teacher job description is predicated on the teacher’s ability to build on what children already know while introducing and reinforcing new words in addition to already-existing interests and capabilities.


Again, as a means to address inequalities that may exist among children, the nursery teacher job description calls for the educator to test the language processing of children using several media such as pictures, instructions, and eye response. This way, the educator is better positioned to provide the appropriate support system that will contribute significantly to the child’s later reading skills and school success in general.


Exploring Different Strategies to Meet Children where They are

Some ways that the educator may employ to meet the nursery teacher job description in this respect is by the use of new and interesting words in natural conversation with the child at mealtimes or when presenting a new toy or material. 


Furthermore, the nursery teacher job description makes room for the educator to explore other avenues such as the use of gestures and facial expressions to help children make sense of new words. For example, when introducing the word joyful, the teacher might smile and wave their arms to convey what the word means.


The nursery teacher has unlimited options to explore in efforts to bridge the disparity gap that may exist in their classroom setting, concerning vocabulary learning.


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