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Job Description Of An Early Years Practitioner

early years practitioner

Generally, the term Early years practitioner is someone who takes care of children between the ages of 0-5, mainly in a formal educational setting. The job description of an early years practitioner is to develop a child’s academic, cognitive and socio-emotional competence.


Here are five of the many job description of an early years practitioner:


Providing the day-day physical needs of the early years:

Developing the physical demands of earlier years is part of the job description of an early years practitioner to ensure the feeding, safety needs, potty training, nappy changes, and first aid, among many other duties. It helps build a child physically when these basic needs of children during the time they are in school.


Providing a fun and stimulating learning environment:

It is the job description of an early-year Practitioner to ensure that children’s learning process is taken care of. Early years practitioners must devise creative ways to ensure children are motivated to learn in a simulated environment. Playgrounds, learning toys, play dough, sensory games and movies and anything that gets children should be excited about learning.


Fostering trust in both children and parents:

An early years practitioner’s job description is to build and nurture a trusting relationship with children and parents. Early years practitioners must stay in communication with parents and keep them informed about any changes or development in their students. This way, both parents and practitioners complement each other efforts to raise the child.


Keeping records of the children:

Another job description of an early years practitioner is to keep a close eye on each child. In doing this, practitioners should notice, record track, and seek help for their students. The job description of an early years practitioner is to ensure that Children with any challenge that hinders their growth and learning will receive the right help from the right places. 


These are a few of the many job descriptions of an early years practitioner. But to qualify to work, early years practitioners need the necessary qualification to work with early years.


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