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How I Taught Students In E6 East Ham To Spell A Complex Word

How I Taught Students In E6 East Ham To Spell A Complex Word

Teaching my students in E6 East Ham how to use and spell complex words or words with many syllables has been an exciting learning discovery for both my students and myself. Here is how I achieved that:


Group words:


To teach my students in E6 East Ham, I group words with similar sounds and spellings. It helps children learn the various terms, and the sound similarities of it help with better learning of complex words. Words with sounds like ‘ee’, ‘oo’ and ‘ou’ help my students.


Gradually increase the challenge:


Instead of introducing my students to difficult or complex words, we start small and build up. We begin with a one-word syllable, add another syllable to the same word, and build up until they can mention big words. A typical example is a hip which builds up to a hippopotamus.


Exact words with different spellings:


I introduced to my students in E6 East Ham Words With Alternative Spelling Patterns for the Same Sound. Words with sounds like ‘ee’, ‘ea’ and ‘ey’, which are well differentiated, have helped build a good spelling foundation for my students.


Mix It Up:


I used alternatives or mixed familiar words or sounds with an opposite or contrasting word for them to pick out. It has helped my students differentiate between words that are not similar and has helped them recognize and recall similar words.


I used simple but straightforward ways to teach my students in E6 East Ham to spell complex words.


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