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How I Introduced Rhyme To My Students In E8 Hackney

I Introducing Rhyme To My Students In E8 Hackney

Rhymes are short, quick lessons that allow for easy addition to my students’ daily routines. How do you introduce Rhymes to your early years? Here is how I taught rhymes to my nursery students  in E8 Hackney: 

Use simple rhymes in daily routines:

I began teaching my students  rhymes by using simple rhymes to accompany their daily classroom routines like walking, writing, playing and other daily activities in the classroom. It is better when infused with playtime.

‘Rhyme Of The Week’:

As part of introducing Rhymes to my students, we established the Rhyme of the week rule. During this time, I teach my students in E8 Hackney new rhymes or make them recite the previous ones. 

Picture books of rhymes:

To help introduce and teach rhymes to my students in, we read a picture book of rhymes together, and I encourage my students to talk about the various character and storylines in verse. It is an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone, where my children learn to read while remembering rhymes.

Rhyme Sack:

For my class in E8 Hackney, I put together Rhyme sacks for my students to discover and fill with rhymes about their favourite topics and subjects like pets, snacks, toys or even their favourite activities.


I created a flashcard for my students in E8 Hackney with lyrics for different Nursery Rhymes that help introduce rhymes at various times of the day.

These are simple but exciting ways I used to introduce Rhymes to my students in E8 Hackney.

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