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Chronicles of Nursery Teacher in KT12 Walton-on-Thames

Ms. Abbey a Nursery Teacher in KT12 Walton-on-Thames during her assistantship.

“Are you ready to face a room full of rambunctious kiddos?” Those were the exact words used by the Nursery Manager to welcome the new nursery assistant, Ms Abbey. Her nerves had long ago started to set in; way back as she was preparing to step into her first appointment as a nursery teacher in KT12 Walton-on-Thames.


Now, the time had come to make her first entrance and that question posed by the Nursery Manager made her all the more unsettled. Quietly, she prayed that in all the synonyms of ‘rambunctious’, the one which rightly described her new nursery class would be lively or high-spirited.


Ms. Abbey wasn’t ready for rowdy or disorderly or riotous- the other common synonyms.


Quint Education, her recruitment agency had assured her that it was perfectly normal to be nervous but that she was going to love her new nursery in ways she’d never imagined. She remembered those words very well, and also remembered from her training that nothing can fully prepare one for the excitement and anticipation of starting the first year of teaching toddlers.


So, bearing all these in mind, she was ready. She felt ready. She made her first entry. She heard screams and shouts of excitement. The rest was history.


It’s been two months now since Ms. Abbey began her  assistantship as a nursery teacher in KT12 Walton-on-Thames.


First off, Quint Education was right about her as a nursery teacher in KT12 Walton-on-Thames. The classroom was furnished with a list of teaching strategies reminders which give Ms. Abbey some excellent jumping-off points to branch out and explore in and outside the classroom as a nursery aide.


The nursery was intentional about setting its staff up for success and success she’d had so far in her role. Indeed, the rambunctious kiddos were actually high-spirited and lively and she loves them. Some sprinkle of riot and chaos every now and then but she’s learned to embrace it all and navigate through them successfully.


If you were to ask her for some tips to handle a nursery teaching assistant job, Ms. Abbey will be quick to say that, with plenty of practice, hands-on training, and some good advice like Quint Education offered her, even corralling a classroom of kiddos can be conquered!


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