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Amazing team of Early Years Education Practitioners in KT7 Thames Ditton

Early years education Practitioner with toddlers in KT7 Thames Ditton

Early Years Education Practitioners in KT7 Thames Ditton are an amazing team overseeing a sizable number of Nurseries and other Early Years Education Centres. We not only support our amazing children one-on-one, but we’ve had the good fortune of collaborating with their parents in various ways as well in our various capacities as educators.



Iris and Maria are two recent nursery teachers recruited by Quint Education for one of the top nurseries in KT7 Thames Ditton, where I happen to be the Nursery Manager. These two were extremely helpful to me as I co-presented some workshops at our mid-year Early Years Practitioners Conference at KT7 Thames Ditton city hall.



In a series of workshops, we worked together to give the district Early years Practitioners the basics of why fine motor development is so important, both physically and cognitively. At the end of the sessions, we helped everybody to have a deeper understanding of why a strong handwriting component to our word study and writing workshop would be important.



Most of the classroom nursery teachers had only experienced snippets of handwriting training, but Iris and Maria who were recruited by Quint Education were intensely trained in this respect and in many other areas, in fact. These two have proven to be resourceful countless times in just a little over 3 months since they began their work in the nursery. At this conference, their expertise in this area was invaluable to the group and especially to the classroom teachers.



They have since been assigned to join our district, KT7 Thames Ditton EYP Committee meetings, to weigh in on the important decision of selecting a district-wide, consistent handwriting program.



I feel proud of these two and particularly of the decision to contact Quint Education to help us in the recruitment of new nursery teachers at a time when we were unsatisfied with the selection made by other agencies, we had earlier contacted.



Quint Education had recently extended their services to the KT7 Thames Ditton area, but their experience and resourcefulness made the recruitment of Iris and Maria so seamless. They took the time to select the best from their wide network of professionally eligible candidates. We couldn’t have had a better agency to assist us in our recruitment than we did with Quint Education.



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