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A Nursery Teacher Job Description For Schools In London

nursery teacher job description

The nursery teacher job description can never be overemphasized by schools. Recruiters who put out job notices on reputable teacher recruitment agencies like Quint education ensure that applicants for nursery teacher jobs know the school’s job description and how they can best fit it. 



Schools listed on Quint Education for Nursery teachers expect that as a big part of the nursery teacher job description, applicants should be able to teach children and work to develop their full potential. Applicants should be able to use their knowledge, imagination and experience as Nursery teachers to come up with creative ways to teach their students.


Assessing individual needs

The nursery teacher job description includes teachers’ abilities to observe, assess and plant each of their students. Teachers need o know the various needs of their students to help plan creative ways to help them progress with their academic work.


Safety and Security

Nursery teacher job descriptions for schools listed on Quint Education require that Nursery teachers can keep children under their care safe and secure. Nursery teachers should be able to provide a safe, secure learning environment not just for their physical security and safety but for the emotional and psychological safety of the students in the class.


Positive relationship with parents

A nursery teacher’s job description extends past the classroom. Teachers should be able to foster a good relationship with parents. This helps them to trust who they leave their children with. The nursery teacher job description entreats parents to have a good parents teacher relationship. This way, parents feel inclusive of their children’s learning and will be willing to do all it takes to ensure progress.


Ensure SEN/ASL needs are met

The nursery teacher job description caters for children with Special Education Needs. Nursery teachers should be able to identify the needs of such children, respect their various needs and work together with the right professionals and experts who can help with the learning of children with Special Education Needs.


These are a few of the many nursery teacher job descriptions every Nursery teacher provides for their students every day of the week.


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