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A Day Out with My Students in KT20 Tadworth – Enjoying Tadworth Garden

a teacher with a student in the garden during a visit for student up to three years in KT20 Tadworth

As an early childhood teacher at a Nursery school in KT20 Tadworth, I believe that it is essential to provide a conducive learning
environment for my students. That is why I decided to take my three-year-old students on a day out to Tadworth Garden, and it was a fun-filled adventure that surpassed my expectations.

The beautiful scenery of Tadworth Garden is calming, and it is primarily an excellent place to relax and enjoy nature. We started our day
out with a site seeing tour of the garden, showing the students the beautiful places and landmarks. My students played around, sang together, and had a blast exploring the area.

As the senior toddler room manager, I arranged a picnic for my students. We sat down in two groups, and I served their favourite snacks and
beverage. The change in environment positively impacted their appetite, and they ate heartily. It was a great opportunity for them to socialize and
interact with their classmates outside the school environment. During the ride back to school, I was happy for such a
beautiful day filled with joy and laughter for my students. I believe that a change in environment and teaching skills can significantly impact children’s
mood and learning. The experience in Tadworth Garden has improved my students’ attitude toward learning, and they have been more enthusiastic and attentive in class.

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