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An Unconventional Parents-Teacher Day at KT21 Ashtead

A parent and a teacher embracing after an Unconventional Parents-Teacher Day at KT21 Ashtead

I always look forward to meeting my students’ parents in KT21 Ashtead. Most parents are kind-hearted and love to have constructive
conversations about their wards. This time, our meeting was in an unconventional setting.



This parent-Teachers Day was at Ashtead Park. The park is a Family-run Garden. We reserved the restaurant for our meeting over tea, which
was a massive change. The parents at KT21 Ashtead were relaxed and ready to participate in activities.



After a successful hour-and-a-half meeting, both parents and teachers moved to have a walk in the park. The Ashtead Park has an excellent
playground for kids with water and sand, also separated for older and younger children. It has a field opposite the garden to play football, table tennis and a skate park for older skilled children.



Teachers played against parents at the Tennis Table. It was a hilarious moment as both parents and teachers had a fun moment trying to
figure out the technicalities of Table Tennis. We lost to parents with two points. Surprisingly some of the parents were terrific skaters and didn’t
hesitate to show their skills. During the fun times, parents connected with the teachers on a different level as they shared interesting moments about their children with each other.



The day was successful without the usual stress associated with a typical day in KT21 Ashtead. The network, the conversations, the
laughter, and the ideas shared were worth every second of my Saturday afternoon. I was grateful to Quint Education for encouraging me to work as a nursery manager in KT21 Ashtead. Both teachers and Parents have been lovely and have created a thriving community for their children.



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