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Top 3 Free Children’s Poetry Online Resources

Are you looking for children’s poems and resources online for free? Here are the top 3 that you can access for free.


Poetry4kids, which Kevin Nesbitt creates, involves poems written by the site’s creator ‘Kevin Nesbitt’ and applies classic and modern poetry from other authors. The website includes various genres of poetry for school years suitable for reading certain poems and the length. Not just readable poems are available, but poems that can also be listened to (podcast), poetry games, and many more.

Poetry Foundation

Poetry Foundation is a website with poetry for children, which has a mini section with poems for children that can also be analysed. There’s a video section on the page with videos for children. Even if the page is quite limited on the site, it can still be a helpful resource for finding children’s poems online for free.


Poetryclass is beneficial for teachers to find resources; nursery room leaders can download free booklets of each poem on the website that involves instructions on what children should do in the lesson. Nursery leaders will not have to create their instructions. The key stages go from EYFS to KS5; the website has a filter of different themes. So I recommend this website for a lot of resources.

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