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Five Jobs In Early Years Near Me

jobs in early years near

Social workers, babysitting, childcare providers, and preschool teachers are all jobs in the early years near you. If you live in London, Middlesex, Surrey, Essex, and Hertfordshire, here are some jobs in the early years near you available on the best Education recruitment agency in the UK, Quint Education. 


Baby Sitter: 

Parents usually hire babysitters or Nanny jobs in the early years to provide residential care for children. Nannies and Babysitters sometimes assist in the child’s education. As live-in or regular day workers, Nannies and Babysitters who work full-time provide constant care for a child. In some cases, liven Nannies do more than take care of the child; they also cook, clean, transport children and go grocery shopping. 


Preschool teacher:

Essential jobs in early years near you include preschool teacher. Preschool teachers are responsible for a child’s transition from nursery school to kindergarten. By supervising their play, providing a safe environment, and creating a stimulating learning environment, preschool teachers ensure that early years are fully prepared for the next phase of Development and learning in kindergarten. 


Early years teacher:

Children between the ages of 0-5 years need teachers who understand child development, the stages of growth in the early years, and how to use that to help them learn. Early years teachers are one of the most critical foundational jobs. Early years teachers are a big part of a child’s discovery and formative stage and significantly impact the child.


Social worker:

Another essential job in your early years near you is a social worker. A social worker ensures a child’s fundamental human rights and well-being. Children abused or neglected are supported and protected. Social workers put measures in place to provide the necessary care to the child.


Kindergarten teachers:

Jobs in the early years near you for a kindergarten teacher is to build on what the child learns in preschool. Kindergarten teachers’ primary daily responsibilities are planning lessons, scheduling, and tracking each student’s progress. They are also responsible for the socio-emotional growth of the child.


Find these jobs in the early years near you on Quint Education. If you are looking for a job in one of our nurseries across London, Middlesex, Surrey, Essex, and Hertfordshire, then contact us today at 0207 1188 994 or email your CV stating the role you want. Our job roles range from Nursery Practitioner, Early Years Practitioner, Nursery Teacher, Nursery Agency bank staff, Nursery Chef and Nursery Manager.


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