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Things To Look Out For Before Working Within An Education Temp Agency 

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Temp jobs are a vital part of the educational structure. Both schools and teachers get to work temporarily till they decide to make their arrangements permanent. 


Here is what temp teachers must look out for when selecting an education temp agency to work with:

Staff Support: 

Staff must look out for an education temp agency that supports their career. An education temp agency like Quint Education does not just focus on finding jobs for their temp teachers but ensures the growth of their staff, especially the temp. They offer training or workshops that help build the capacity of their temp staff and get them ready to work when there is a vacancy for a temp job.


Jobs opportunities: 

Education temp agencies must offer their staff a wide range of good job options for them to select from. A good agency has many schools enlisting their vacancies on their job boards.


Brand reputation:

Word of mouth is important to consider when registering to work with an education temp agency. What are other temp teachers saying about them through reviews or testimonials? What are the schools they work with say about them? Are they professionals and have a good or bad reputation in the job market?


Good education temp agencies focus on getting the job done, establishing a good relationship with their clients and focusing on their needs instead of gimmicks.


Local understanding:

Before any school chooses an education temp agency to work with, they must check if they understand the local area’s education, work culture and social culture. They must know all these to cater to the school’s needs adequately.


Benefits they Provide:

Good Education Temp Agencies provide their temporary staff with schools or job offers with great benefits. Even though the work is quick, agencies must ensure these schools have a good working environment and benefits.


Quint Education checks all these boxes and has built a good reputation and relationship with teachers and schools in the UK since 2014.


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