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Six Nursery Teacher Qualifications Recruiters Look Out For

nursery teacher qualification

Children between the ages of 0-5 years learn from examples. They develop their language and all other communication skills based on what they hear daily. Some children pick up certain traits that they see their families or teachers exhibit; this is why early years schools are careful who they recruit to lead children between 0-5 years. A Nursery teacher must be qualified! The basic nursery teacher qualifications schools look out for from all applicants are here:


Qualifications and Skills

NVQ 3, NNEB, Cache Level 3 or equivalent qualification:

These are basic nursery teacher qualifications that all teachers are expected to have as proof of having the basic knowledge and certification required to work with Early Years.


Minimum experience of working as a Room Leader for six months to a year is essential:

Nursery teacher qualification includes proving to recruiters that you have what it takes to lead your students. With the right amount of working experience, Recruiters are more comfortable leaving you in charge of the students.


• Previous experience working in a Montessori setting:

For most Private Nursery schools, recruiters prefer applicants who have worked in a Montessori. It is because the methods, procedures and policies are similar and hiring a Nursery teacher with a working experience in a Montessori is an important nursery teacher qualification.


• Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English:

Another important nursery teacher qualification is the ability to speak and write the English language impeccably. Children get the foundation of the English language mostly from their teachers through activities like reading, story time and rhyming. Nursery teachers with a poor grip on the English language may be a bad example for their students 


An extensive knowledge of the current EYFS and Ofsted standards and procedures:

Every course and student’s curriculum is part and guided by standards. Nursery teachers must understand and be able to plan and execute their teaching materials within the framework and guidelines of the authority that governs their work. 

Delivering high-quality, exciting childcare learning opportunities.


A vital nursery teacher qualification is a nursery teacher’s ability to creatively and imaginatively make the teaching and learning process enjoyable for all students.

These are nursery teacher qualifications nursery schools enlisted on Quint Education look for in their applicants.


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