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Some people are gifted with the love of working with children in any capacity and through training have created strong career paths in the early years education sector. In the UK as in other parts of the world, early childhood education is booming with a lot of opportunities for people to explore this path and determine their best fit. 


Connecting to the Best ECE Centres in the UK

There are also a lot of Early Childhood Education (ECE) programmes out there and individuals after undergoing their preferred ones emerge as Early Childhood Education professionals who are equipped adequately to cater to children in their early years. Some of these include nursery teachers who through nursery teacher recruitment exercises are hired to facilitate children’s development.


For the early years educator, such as the nursery teacher, sometimes finding the best education centre to pursue their career may feel like a complex scavenger hunt but agencies such as Quint Education are determined to make nursery teacher recruitment, as well as recruitment of other early years education professionals as seamless and easy as possible.


Quint Education, one of the best early years education agencies in the UK, attracts and recruits some of these knowledgeable and effective early childhood educators and links them to the best ECE centres all over the UK. 


Planning your Next ECE Job, Call Quint Education Today

As an early years educator, when you’re considering an agency for your next job placement, it helps to know if that agency is well-established.


The good news? Quint Education has been organising nursery teacher recruitment exercises for over a decade. The faculty and staff at Quint Education are well-versed in what it takes to prepare professionals to be effective early childhood educators and have extensive industry experience.


Quint Education is also connected to an extensive network of well-resourced early years education centres with great teaching and learning environments where you’d be effective as an early years educator. 


Over the years through our nursery teacher recruitment exercises, Quint Education has made some of the best hires for nursery teachers all over the UK. 


Our nurseries across London, Middlesex, Essex, Surrey and Hertfordshire are friendly and supportive places to work.  We have a wide range of jobs from Early Years Practitioner, Nursery Practitioner, Nursery Agency bank staff, Nursery Manager, Nursery Teacher to Nursery Chef.


We’d love to see what you can bring, please call Quint Education today on 0207 1188 994 or email your CV stating the role you are interested in.

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