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Nursery Teacher Responsibilities: Supporting Children Navigate Their Emotions

nursery teacher responsibilities

Children in the early years need just as much love and affection as they need actual instruction; that’s what makes the work of the nursery teacher especially unique, delicate, and wonderful. Therefore, the key to nursery teacher responsibilities is to leverage the rare opportunity to invest in the child and build an educational and developmental foundation that can last a lifetime.

Providing the Child with Emotional Care

One way that the nursery teacher delivers on this is by tending to the child’s emotional growth- a key feature to living a healthy life. The early years teacher recognises that every child is unique and develops a little differently therefore key to nursery teacher responsibilities in this regard, is the ability of the educator to tailor lessons and strategies that best suit each child and elicit the appropriate responses.


Children who are susceptible to frequent meltdowns may begin to show a shift in this behaviour, indicating an emotional maturity, when what would have caused a meltdown before, now they do willingly. It is a significant step and usually, it’s facilitated by an adult such as a nursery teacher as part of nursery teacher responsibilities to provide emotional support for the child.

Emotional Maturity Unlocks Many Others…

Strong emotional development leads to self-awareness, emotional regulation, social awareness, responsible decision-making, and relationship-building. Consequently, these skills influence the child’s success at school, at home, in communities and society. 


On the other hand, when a child does not receive emotional guidance, they often struggle academically, physically, behaviourally, and of course, emotionally.


Given the small window of incredible growth in children in the early years, it is key to nursery teacher responsibilities that the educator holds the child’s hands as they cultivate habits that’ll facilitate their emotional development.


The nursery teacher responsibilities are many, encompassing different dimensions, however, this may be the one key that unlocks the realisation of the many others. 


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