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Not all about the Classroom: A KT16 Chertsey Nursery Teacher Recounts

A KT16 Chertsey Nursery Teacher Pauline Planning Her Weekly Activity and Reports

Pauline needed a job urgently as a nursery teacher but had been unable to secure one in over a month. She registered with a couple of agencies to help facilitate the process but still hadn’t got any feedback from them. After a short discussion about the issue with her college colleague who lived in KT16 Chertsey, she alerted her of such an opening she’d seen on Quint Education website.


Pauline quickly checked it out and contacted Quint Education immediately. They directed her to their new office located in KT16 Chertsey business centre. Pauline moved in with her friend for the period while she went through the recruitment process.


When she finally secured the role, Pauline secured an accommodation for herself at KT16 Addlestone, just a few minutes’ walk from the nursery school. The entire process was very easy and simple.


Pauline got into early childhood education because she loves being with children. But she knows better than to assume that as nursery teacher, her duties are only limited in the classroom.


However, something that surprised her the most about being a nursery teacher at this KT16 Chertsey nursery school was how much time she spent doing other things other than teaching the children.


Some of the most time-consuming tasks for her were lesson planning, record keeping, communicating with parents and planning for upcoming open house events.


The parents in KT16 Chertsey, unlike her former teaching place, were so invested in their children that they were always communicating with Pauline to get updates on how their wards were faring. This was such a pleasant surprise to Pauline and made her realise even more, the important role she was playing as a nursery teacher.


In the beginning it was hard balancing all these duties with her main teaching duty. But over time, she has learned to be more efficient at these other aspects of the job and developed some extra hard and soft skills to facilitate her career advancement.


But she admits that it took time to find rhythm and routine.


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