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Five of the Best Learning Activities For Toddlers

Are there any fun educational activities that will support a toddler’s learning? 

The answer is yes, here are the five learning activities for toddlers as early years practitioners. 

Dressing up and role play

Dressing up, as an activity, boosts physical skills by experimenting with roles from movies and TV and even acting out social events. This helps toddlers to gain creative thinking and also getting toddlers to be in groups, letting toddlers work together and interact with each other increases teamwork skills, problem-solving skills. This activity does help toddlers to grow and develop so practitioners get them to dress up!


Toddlers love to play around, and fiddle with things and playdough seems to be doing just that. Playdough is pretty much like a stress ball that adults fiddle with to reduce stress; playdough calms toddlers down. Also, play dough increases the toddler’s focus on playing with play dough. Playing around will find ways that will develop the toddler’s fine motor skills and also express their creativity.   

Musical Chairs

Music is a way for toddlers to learn by not the toddlers’ listen to the music being played; musical chairs can be a way for toddlers to resolve arguments peacefully, practising being patient by focusing on when to stop and sit on a chair they see without the music being played which also does build up toddler’s social skills and gaining concentration.

Brain Gym Exercises

Quite similar to musical chair however a lot worth exercise fitting activity that involves basic tasks and actions that are performed are really important for toddlers to be participating in, there are exercises such as active arm, the elephant, the arm and many more brain gym exercises that have a big improvement on their skills such as eyesight, creativity, boosting communication skills.

Construction Play

Construction play activities are a way that children to express their creativity by creating and building up things that can make a difference in children’s way of thinking to complete tasks. It can also be challenging to develop skills such as problem-solving, creativity. This also develops toddlers to work independently. While construction playing leads to confidence being built up. 

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