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Equipped to Support Motor Skills Through Nursery Teacher Qualification

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A child signals themselves and the world that they are ready for something more when they begin taking their first steps. The day the child first learns how to walk is one of the biggest milestones in their life, ever! This stage of development is also pretty special because the child’s discovering their body’s capabilities and they do it by exploring previously unexplored places and taking on new adventures. The movement of big and small muscles through this process continues to be developed into adulthood and the skills that young children develop at this stage in life are called motor skills.


Supporting this Milestone with Appropriate Activities

In the early years education setting, with this new stage of life comes opportunities for new games and activities that can help children try some new movements to develop theIr motor skills in new ways.


Since these skills are so key to childhood development, parents, care providers and early childhood education experts must put a lot of effort into different activities that can help them. In this regard, before one attains a nursery teacher qualification, the individual is trained to develop new activities and improvise old ones for children to help develop their motor skills while offering some novel fun along the way.


A Well-Resourced ECE Centre Goes a Long Way… 

Some early childhood education settings are so resourced that a professional with nursery teacher qualification can explore an activity such as gardening with nursery children. Gardening activities which usually involve digging, watering, planting or carefully observing will help any young child develop both gross and fine motor skills as they immerse themselves in nature. The educator with nursery teacher qualification may explore this which also offers other benefits to children beyond motor development.


The Options are Endless…

For the early years education professional with, for instance, nursery teacher qualification, exploring different play/learn activities in the quest to help develop a child’s motor skills are critical to their job success. They may explore other options including “The floor is lava!”, “Dancing treasure hunt”, “Pom Pom drop”, “Ninja game”, “Ninja craft”, “Hopscotch”, “Button stacking”, “Wash the socks”, etc. 


Therefore, for one to attain nursery teacher qualification in the UK, it is crucial for the professional to be knowledgeable in different activities and to be able to improvise appropriately to fit the situation on the field. 


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