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Playtimes Are Challenging for Me as A Nursery Teacher in KT19 Epsom, And Here Is Why.

A toddler during playtime in a nursery at KT19 Epsom

As a Nursery Teacher in KT19 Epsom, I find playtime to be one of the most challenging parts of my job. It is a time when children are
allowed to be themselves, to be adventurous, and to have fun with their peers. However, I find it difficult to manage this time effectively as a teacher.
During the learning periods, children are more behaved and seem under control. But during playtime, they become highly energetic, making it harder for me to keep them under control.


I have discovered that playtimes can be the most exhausting and challenging time of the day for teachers. Children are carefree and
playful, making it difficult to control them. They become extra energetic and hard to handle, and teachers have to be extra vigilant, multitask, and simultaneously ensure all their students’ safety.


In KT19 Epsom, children love the outdoors and are open to trying new things, as long as they can play as a group. It’s essential to
ensure that all children get to play and be safe during these times.


Thankfully, with the help of Nursery assistants or interns, I get to relinquish some of the responsibilities to them. We work together,
keeping an eye on the students and ensuring that each one of them gets to play and be safe. I have found that this teamwork approach has helped me manage my time effectively during playtimes.


At a recent workshop organized by Quint Education, I had the opportunity to network with other Nursery teachers in KT19 Epsom. During our
support chat group, some of the Early Years teachers gave unique solutions on how to handle playtime effectively. I have been practicing these tricks, and they have been tremendously helpful. Now, I am more relaxed and get to enjoy playtimes with my students.


In conclusion, playtimes are challenging for me as a Nursery Teacher in KT19 Epsom. However, I have found ways to make it easier with
teamwork, networking with other teachers, and learning new strategies. It’s an essential part of a child’s learning experience, and as a teacher, it’s crucial to manage this time effectively.


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