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An Overseas Teacher’s Best Teaching Experience Ever in KT8 West Molesey

Oversees Teacher KT8 West Molesey with her gift from her Nursery students

Feet warm in striped woollen socks, she climbs to bed and adjusts her back to sit more comfortably. She pulls the covers to her chin and opens a card. With the help of the Nursery Assistant, the nursery children in her class made her a surprise card on her return to school. This is the experience of an oversees Teacher in KT8 West Molesey.


Ms Melanie had been away from her nursery school, on a 2-week leave period. She received this gift from the nursery children; who had insisted she only opened it when she went home and that was the only day she really couldn’t wait to get home from school.


She likes this nursery so much and the children, she loves them!


She read the ‘We miss you’ largely written in front of the card and her eyes welled up.


Inside the card was a display of fierce competition of different crayon colours fighting for space. Each wanted to write or draw something, but in unison, they all meant to tell Miss Melanie that they’d missed her so much and were happy that she was back with them.


Miss Melanie has been a Nursery Teacher overseas for well over 8 years now. She had recently relocated to the UK to KT8 West Molesey to be precise and needed to find a job immediately. The odds seemed against her in this pursuit considering her background until a housemate mentioned to her to contact Quint Education. This friend was in a similar predicament just a few months ago and it goes without saying that Quint Education helped her in securing her next job at a nursery in the KT8 West Molesey area.


From her first encounter and discussions with Quint Education about her job search in the early years education sector, the rest were numerous recommendations until she finally settled on her current nursery school.


In the 8 years of being a nursery teacher, an overseas Teacher’s best teaching experience ever is in KT8 West Molesey.


Frankly, she’d missed the children more.


Quint Education helped her in finding this nursery where she looks forward to the next day’s work upon closing each day. What luck!


She has recommended Quint Education to her acquaintances more times than she can remember.


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