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Activities for Mother’s Day

It’s almost Mother’s day, what should you do? Here are activities children can do for mother’s day as in the lesson or for homework.

Activities for Mother's Day

Create a card

Get children to create a card for their mum. The card could have a poem inside that children have written. Children can use language skills, encouraging children to gain creativity. Children can get their imagination to write poetry from the books they have been learning to read, collecting ideas and techniques on those books. Practising poems leads children to play around with poem structures so children will be able to improve their literacy skills. Mothers will be proud with even a single heartfelt message.

Design with paper

Get children to create anything other than a card, for example, creating paper flowGet children to create anything other than a card, for example, creating paper flowers or anything with paper to create any shapes. It could also be a drawing; the drawing could be a flower, a picture of their mum. The form could be a heart-shaped one and many other shapes. Children can make the paper into a book to write a story, which is the next activity idea.

Write a story

Children can write a story of a time they had with their mother they’ve remembered or an imaginative story that children have made up. The benefit of children creating is that it will build up their creative skills. Also, writing something from the past shows that children can have vital working memory skills meaning children will be able to memorise things that could get them to learn new things.

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